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3 Modern Ways To Wear A Brooch

There’s nothing more modern than inventing new purposes for classic pieces, and that becomes most apparent when starting with a lovely brooch.

Especially what said brooch dons a fabulous gemstone at its core and instantly becomes a centrepiece.

With the one-of-a-kind Tanzanite Bow Brooch in mind, we’re going to look at three modern ways to wear a brooch depending on the occasion and time of day.

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Emerald Jewellery To Own Regardless Of Trends

Lilian wearing the Emerald and Baroque Pearl Necklace, Emerald and Pearl Bracelet, Drop Emerald Earrings by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

When it comes to elegant gemstones, few stand the test of time quite like emeralds.

Their bold colour and irresistible appeal make them one of the most coveted stones around, and for good reason: they are particularly vibrant as part of statement jewellery.

Below, we’re taking a look at must-have emerald pieces with a timeless aura.

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The Classic Elegance of A Diamond Set

As the saying goes… diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, might we add, that is particularly true when said diamonds come in a practical format.

After all, why save all your diamonds for evening wear? Enjoy wearing them freely and for longer by choosing minimalist designs that are just right for daytime.

Below, we’re looking at our necklace and studs that feature diamonds as their focus points, without being overtly overpowering. Wear them together or mix and match to suit your preference.

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The Power Of Jewellery

Purple-Blue Hued Spinel Ring

Jewellery’s main power is to instil delight. First and foremost, to you as the wearer. Each jewellery piece is a wearable manifestation of beauty: the best nature has to offer shaped by the best mankind can do. Then, of course, it shares this delight with everyone you meet.

And as jewellery has different meanings for different people, we’re exploring three view points below…

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A Guide To Detachable Pearl Drop Earrings

Looking for a pair of detachable pearl drop earrings? Well, you’re in luck because we have just the thing for you… a splendid selection of transformable earrings that will wow everyone around you. (Even if “around” mostly means video calls…)

The classic allure of pearls takes on a contemporary twist in these stud-and-pendant duets, making them essential accessories for everyday elegance.

Keep the pendants attached for gentle movement and visual appeal, or take them off for simple and straight-forward charm. The choice is yours.

These five pairs of earrings with detachable pearl drops will quickly prove our point.

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Everything About Signet Rings & How To Wear Yours

Though signet rings have been around since the dawn of time, they’ve only recently crossed the embedded social norms to become the highlights of contemporary jewellery collections.

Historically worn by established men as the mark of hereditary power and wealth, the appeal of signet rings has now broadened to include all ages and genders. Their exclusive, commanding status has given way to a frank interpretation of what signet rings actually are: a durable proclamation in jewellery form.

That said, let’s see how you can show off your style in a fanciful way…

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How To Choose The Best Minimalist Drop Earrings

Simple and easy to wear, drop earrings will naturally make their way into a minimalist’s jewellery wardrobe. Their form factor has been perfected for decades, making them a viable option for lazy weekends and busy weekdays alike.

And while their shape is immutable, their colours and textures sure aren’t, meaning you still get to make some choices before you can slide them in and go…

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Embrace The Rainbow: Fine Jewellery Pieces In Every Colour

Colour is the key component to jewellery design and a major factor when it comes to first impressions. It’s the top feature everyone notices when looking at a new piece.

And when it’s time to pick from your daily jewellery wardrobe, colour is just as defining. Whether you choose pieces that accessorise your look or you let jewellery lead the way and relegate the outfit to a supporting role, colour is always the decisive factor, as it conveys meaning, emotion and mood…

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Nature Inspired Fine Jewellery

Nature is an endless, instinctive source of inspiration. Taking active cues from biomorphism, our fine jewellery pieces come alive with figurative organic shapes that are easy on the eyes - and the soul.

Crafted or assembled by hand, they range from capricious creatures to familiar flowers…

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How Many Bracelets Should You Wear?

Too many, never enough? Or just a single one carefully chosen to match what you wear?

Bracelets have a rather unique positioning in the jewellery world: as they adorn your wrists, they move (or, rather, slide) along with you throughout the day. No other jewellery experiences - and expresses - as much movement as bracelets.

So let’s take a look at how many bracelets you should wear and when…

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