A Look At Our Favourite New Gemstone & Pearl Necklaces

A Look At Our Favourite New Gemstone & Pearl Necklaces

What’s better: a necklace with pearls or one with gemstones? Why, a necklace that has BOTH pearls and gemstones, of course.

For this season and the next, pearls will find a clearer and clearer place in the hearts (and jewellery boxes!) of style influencers the world over.

And it truly couldn't be a better moment for pearls to come into the spotlight again: as summer fades into autumn, their timeless character becomes more and more attractive - they are classics for a reason, after all.

As for colourful gemstones, they are the jewellery staple that’s the most refreshing and versatile. 

And when these two come together… sparks fly!

Introducing our latest necklace collection built on our love of colourful gems and timeless pearls: “The New Classics”

Bekky Necklace

First up, Bekky. Created from tumbled pink rhodochrosite beads and pink cultured pearls, it has a romantic presence which will light up your days.


Sandy Necklace

Sandstone beads and off-white baroque cultured pearls make the Sandy a soothing addition to your jewellery box.


Indie Necklace

Created for those who like to take risks, the Indie pairs tumbled turquoise beads with gorgeous off-white cultured pearls.


Leonie Necklace

Fresh and colourful, the Leonie attracts every admiring glance. How? With its stunning mix of amazonite rondel beads and off-white cultured pearls.


Marlee Necklace

Equal parts playful and subdued, the Marlee is a pleasure to wear. Featuring malachite beads next to off-white cultured pearls, it is an irresistible presence.

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