The must-have bracelet that makes an outfit look 100x better

The must-have bracelet that makes an outfit look 100x better

There are certain jewellery designs that are so simple, so timeless and, well, so confident that they became culturally-embedded classics. And perhaps the most prevalent of these is the iconic link chain design.

Commonly associated with necklaces - an association we’ve made as well - the link chain can also be rendered as a bracelet. With decidedly larger links that help it suit a wide range of outfits and looks, our classic link chain bracelet is halfway between dainty and bold.

Below, some practical ways to style it…

Link Chain Bracelet

Option #1: Wear it as an accent

This seemingly quiet bracelet has the potential to become the anchoring point of your look in one specific context: if your other jewellery is even more discrete and subtle. Just imagine a way of accessorising where your rings, earrings and necklace are light and dainty, while your wrist (left or right) displays a gold bracelet with a larger-than-expected proportion! It would be the most tasteful way of making a statement.

Option #2: Wear it with a matching necklace

If you want to dial the timelessness of your look up to 11, you could pair your link chain bracelet with a link chain necklace. Far from being overpowering, they become a solid jewellery duo that match public occasions time and time again. And, since neither piece is embellished with gemstones, you can take the opportunity to adorn your fingers and earlobes with extravagant and colourful pieces.

Option #3: The “no jewellery” jewellery look

What is the “no jewellery” jewellery look? Well, it is a way of accessorising which involves the minimum amount of jewellery pieces that can still give you a put together look. Most of the times, this would be one single, but carefully curated piece. Such as, for example, a link chain bracelet!

Peeking from underneath the sleeves of a sharp blouse or a snug turtleneck, this is the kind of jewellery piece that can give you that extra, “I woke up like this” allure.

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