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Black Snake & Red Tiger Eye Necklace

SFr 4,000.00

Adorned with diamonds and rubies, the black rhodium plated sterling silver snake draws in even the most casual observer's eye. As the necklace's luxurious red tiger eye beads catch the light, the snake's diamond bead gently sways to and fro captivating those around it. Adjustable in length, this unique piece is one not to be missed. 

Rubies are the birthstone of July

Unique: 1/1 
Length 48cm - adjustable 
10 strings of red tigereye beads approx. 2.5mm
Black rhodium plated Sterling silver snake 
15 x light pink diamonds 
 24 x rubies varying sizes  
1 x 6mm brown diamond bead totalling 1.81ct
18ct yellow gold clasps