No Piercings, No Problem! You’ll Love These 18ct Gold Ear Cuffs

No Piercings, No Problem! You’ll Love These 18ct Gold Ear Cuffs

Get the look:

Small and easy to put on, ear cuffs are the most convenient way to extend your styling range if you don’t have multiple piercings. You can always add them to your outfit, no matter the trends or seasons and they’re extra fun to mix and match.

If you love the concept, they’ll be on heavy rotation day in, day out. So they should be durable, not just shiny. In other words, made out of 18ct gold...

Focus On Texture

Is it a ‘“no jewellery” jewellery day? Then wear a single dainty ring and a single carved gold ear cuff - on opposite sides. The asymmetry will be unexpected, the intricate details on the pieces will attract attention and the visual distance between the ring and the cuff will keep the look airy and casual.

Carved Gold Ear Cuff

Full Shine

Or is it a full-on, “here I am” jewellery day? When you’re layering multiple jewellery pieces and accessories, a perfectly polished, mirror-finish ear cuff is the supporting piece you need. Whether in white or yellow gold, smooth ear cuffs can be a welcome counter-balance to the matt or textured pieces in your outfit.

White Gold Ear Cuff

So Extra

And there’s more... If you have the earlobe piercing, there’s an extra form factor to consider. Decorative, much larger and more expressive than a traditional cuff, the “Quote Un-Quote” gracefully warps around your pavilion and attaches securely behind the earlobe. Wear it with its matching stud for a cohesive look or with a diamond cross for extra flair.

Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Ear Cuff With Diamond Encrusted Stud


Have something specific in mind? Get in touch! We’d love to make a variation that suits your vision and style. Bespoke pieces are our speciality.

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