All Of Your Ear Cuff Questions, Answered

All Of Your Ear Cuff Questions, Answered

Ear cuffs: what are they? Do you need piercings to wear them? How do they stay on? Find out the answers to all of these questions in today’s article…

What is an ear cuff?

An ear cuff is a type of jewellery that’s designed to be attached non-invasively to the ear pavilion.

Do you need to have a piercing?

The answer is a definite no. Ear cuffs are precious metal bands that wrap around the ear instead of going through it. There are several types of ear cuffs, from thick, simple bands to large and thin wires. But whatever the specifics, if it's called a cuff, it doesn't require piercings.

So… why?

There are two clear benefits. The first is that you can try out the multiple earrings trend before committing to multiple earrings. The other is that, even worn by itself, a cuff is expressive and inspiring simply because it is worn on a surprising part of your ear. 

How do you put on an ear cuff?

Classic ear cuffs attach to the edge of your pavilion. Put yours in starting at the top of your ear and slide it down to where your ear gets slightly thicker and more curved. Once the ear cuff rests naturally, push on it to check for a secure position and, if need be, apply gentle pressure to make it lock in place.

Get the look:
Esmeralda Hoops With Pearl Pendants (Small)
Gold Ear Cuff


Ear cuffs that are larger and thinner are often meant to be wrapped behind your ear. To attach, place the lower end of the cuff into the stud in your earlobe to secure it in place. Then, guide the wire behind your ear and have the top rest on where the ear meets your head.

Get the look:

Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Ear Cuff With Diamond Encrusted Stud

Do ear cuffs fall off?

If placed and worn correctly, no. Long wire cuffs simply have nowhere to go (see above). Classic cuffs need to be gently squeezed into place - not so hard that you constantly feel their presence, but tight enough that you can move your head freely.

Does adjusting ear cuffs damage them?

The beauty of ear cuffs is that they are pretty universal, one size fits all ears. The materials they are made from are softer and malleable, so adjusting only requires a small amount of pressure. And the shapes themselves - either an open cylinder or a long, thin curve -  invite adaptations straight away.

Moreover, once you find the right fit for your ear(s), you’ll find that you’re only making the smallest of opening/closing alterations every time you put them on or take them off.  

Ear cuff styling: should I wear them on both ears?

We believe that the default ear cuff styling is to wear them to a single ear, in addition to hook or stud earrings in both earlobes. In this way, the ear cuff creates an intentional imbalance, a most expressive asymmetry.

The alternative is, of couse, to opt for a starker look and wear ear cuffs on both ears. This will frame your face neatly and allow you to choose an alternative focus point for your look - maybe your eyes, your outfit or even another jewellery piece. So, yes, this is also a valid option.

Are ear cuffs in style in 2019?

Yes. And they will continue to be in 2020 as well. They are, arguably, the easiest way to add something special to your earring selection without the extra commitment of piercings. Expect them to gain traction and come in increasingly more intriguing and luxurious designs!

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