Jewellery For The New Year

Jewellery For The New Year

Whether you always follow the latest trends or allow yourself to be swept away by transient micro-trends, one thing’s for sure: when the clock strikes twelve, you can greet 2020 in your best jewellery look.

With this in mind, we’ve put together two curated pairings that strike the ideal balance between elegance and visual presence. Read through and make them the starting point of your festive look…

The Ring Plus Necklace

We all have a quiet side and a wild one. And who says this can’t be reflected by the jewellery we’re wearing, too? Enter: the Duet statement ring, which showcases the same gemstone in two different cuts. Their charming asymmetry is nothing short of ravishing, both for its wearer and for the onlookers.


And you can take this duality further, to your full look. Letting the statement ring get all the attention means you can also wear something peaceful that speaks to your soul. With its upscaled proportions, the gold link chain is meant to be worn as is, without any pendants. In time, this clean and effortless jewellery piece might become your signature finishing touch.

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The Bracelet Plus Earrings

From our fine jewellery maker, Esther McFarlane, comes a unique bracelet that is practically dripping in emeralds and diamonds. Curious how it came to be? Read its story.

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And with such a strong centrepiece, you need a similarly luxurious pair of earrings. The emerald drops are precisely the right shape and size to complement the bracelet and mirror its movement, without stealing the spotlight.

So give into the green appeal and enjoy how this pairing make you feel! Spoiler alert: the word is SENSATIONAL.

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