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The Only Type Of Bracelet You’ll Ever Need

Is there a single piece of jewellery you can count on day in, day out?

You might be thinking about a dainty necklace or a pair of hoops as they’ve been popping up everywhere during the past few seasons, but our answer is quite different:

A simple bangle.

It’s true.

Easy to slide on and pair with both minimalist and intricate looks, this is *the* go-to piece your jewellery box is missing.

Here are two of our most recent creations…

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A Look At Our Favourite New Gemstone & Pearl Necklaces

What’s better: a necklace with pearls or one with gemstones? Why, a necklace that has BOTH pearls and gemstones, of course.

For this season and the next, pearls will find a clearer and clearer place in the hearts (and jewellery boxes!) of style influencers the world over.

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Live Your Best Life In Gold And Pink Earrings

Nothing says summer quite like jewellery in soft colours, and with higher temperatures outside, it’s the perfect time to start experimenting with fun pieces in fresh hues.

With this in mind, if you’ve been reaching for statement gems in saturated colours throughout the year, you might enjoy a change of pace in the warm season.

The delicacy of blooming roses will inspire you to wear gold and pink earrings with carefree hairstyles, billowy dresses and strappy sandals.

Ahead, our favourite gold and pink earrings to wear now and forever.

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5 Unique Fine Jewellery Rings To Fall In Love With

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring

Rings - too many, never enough? We say yes, especially when the selection you’re putting together has the boldest, shiniest and most delightful designs out there.

It’s no secret that a carefully styled ringscape that spans all your fingers is the ultimate power move.

So let’s take a quick look at our current favourites: 5 unique fine jewellery rings that will pretty much make you forget there’s any other type of jewellery to consider.

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This type of earrings will make you feel like a queen

Statement earrings are the indisputable way to create fabulous looks across all seasons and trends. And, of course, the most sophisticated designs make the strongest statements.

But highly intricate details can only be rendered in real life with the best materials: 18ct gold and precious, carefully chosen gemstones. The quality will be felt and seen from afar: genuine gems and gold always shine in an unmistakable way.

Below, we’re taking a look at one of our newest pairs of statement earrings.

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The must-have bracelet that makes an outfit look 100x better

There are certain jewellery designs that are so simple, so timeless and, well, so confident that they became culturally-embedded classics. And perhaps the most prevalent of these is the iconic link chain design.

Commonly associated with necklaces - an association we’ve made as well - the link chain can also be rendered as a bracelet. With decidedly larger links that help it suit a wide range of outfits and looks, our classic link chain bracelet is halfway between dainty and bold.

Below, some practical ways to style it…

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3 Modern Ways To Wear A Brooch

There’s nothing more modern than inventing new purposes for classic pieces, and that becomes most apparent when starting with a lovely brooch.

Especially what said brooch dons a fabulous gemstone at its core and instantly becomes a centrepiece.

With the one-of-a-kind Tanzanite Bow Brooch in mind, we’re going to look at three modern ways to wear a brooch depending on the occasion and time of day.

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Emerald Jewellery To Own Regardless Of Trends

Lilian wearing the Emerald and Baroque Pearl Necklace, Emerald and Pearl Bracelet, Drop Emerald Earrings by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

When it comes to elegant gemstones, few stand the test of time quite like emeralds.

Their bold colour and irresistible appeal make them one of the most coveted stones around, and for good reason: they are particularly vibrant as part of statement jewellery.

Below, we’re taking a look at must-have emerald pieces with a timeless aura.

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The Classic Elegance of A Diamond Set

As the saying goes… diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, might we add, that is particularly true when said diamonds come in a practical format.

After all, why save all your diamonds for evening wear? Enjoy wearing them freely and for longer by choosing minimalist designs that are just right for daytime.

Below, we’re looking at our necklace and studs that feature diamonds as their focus points, without being overtly overpowering. Wear them together or mix and match to suit your preference.

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The Power Of Jewellery

Purple-Blue Hued Spinel Ring

Jewellery’s main power is to instil delight. First and foremost, to you as the wearer. Each jewellery piece is a wearable manifestation of beauty: the best nature has to offer shaped by the best mankind can do. Then, of course, it shares this delight with everyone you meet.

And as jewellery has different meanings for different people, we’re exploring three view points below…

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