Behind the Gems: Emeralds, Diamonds & Sapphires, Oh My!

It is time for another edition of Behind The Gems, our monthly series that takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of our signature collections.

Today is about one of our most intricate pieces, the crown jewel of our collection… the “Emeralds, Diamonds and Sapphires, Oh My!” bracelet.

The Starting Point

As with most of our creations, we started from the raw materials.

Emeralds, as we’ve come to find out, are particularly inspiring.

And the ones used in the bracelet have quite the backstory: they were a wedding present to Esther from her husband on their honeymoon in Brazil.

Needless to say, the bracelet is dripping in them.

The Design

With such a decadent starting point, the next step was intuitive: the final piece needed to be very luxurious.

And what better way to turn up the volume than with a slew of diamonds and sapphires?

All of the gems were carefully put into a lattice design that plays up the intricacy, while also making the piece responsive in movement and comfortable to wear.

Of course, this particular degree of flexibility allows all of the gems to get their fair share in the spotlight. The emeralds, in particular, sparkle as they catch the light, adding to the overall charm of the piece.

A diamond-encrusted clasp was chosen to finish off the design, beautifully blending functionality and luxurious charm.

Here is the final design, photographed in 2013, in our first photoshoot in Geneva:

Everyone involved in the shoot was a friend, with the model Dasha being one of Kathleen’s closest.

Below, a close-up of the bracelet alongside our entire emerald collection:

The Piece

Given the craftsmanship and attention that went into making it, this bracelet represents all of our heart and soul!

  • Width: 3.2cm
  • Length: 19cm
  • 51g of 18ct yellow gold
  • Emerald cabochons:
  • 9 oval 8 by 6mm with a total of 13.5ct
  • 16 oval 5 by 7mm with a total of 24.4ct
  • 1.22ct of diamonds - colour H, vs
  • 26 3.5mm round yellow sapphires totalling 5.2ct

Find the "Emeralds, Diamonds and Sapphires, Oh My!” bracelet here.


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