The Jewellery Piece You’ll Never Want To Take Off

Allow us to quickly put on our thinking hats. If you're looking for jewellery you’ll never have to (or want to) take off, you’re likely after something that’s so convenient, well made and expressive that it becomes your everyday style signature.

Jewellery You Never Take Off: Is It A Ring?

You may find that larger rings become unpleasant when driving for a long time or when carrying something heavy, like a large laptop bag. This becomes even more of a problem when you’re in a hot environment and the rings start to feel tighter.

So if what you want to wear all day, every day is a ring, then convenience and functionality are paramount.

Enter: compact, uniform bands made from a single, high-quality material. Whether downright dainty or somewhat closer to medium thickness, the ring you are searching for should have as few protrusions as possible. Here is an idea:


White Gold Diamond Ring

Jewellery You Never Take Off: Is It A Necklace?

Necklaces are such an instant way to add interest to the upper part of your look! Since they do not interfere with most daily activities, there is an opportunity for décor, for self-expression. So if you find *the one* to wear on an everyday basis, you will throughly enjoy its presence no matter where you go or what you do.

There’s also a case to be made for versatility. By opting for a fine, dainty chain as a base, you will be able to switch up the pendants whenever you like and still keep things practical. Here is an idea:

Angel Necklace

Jewellery You Never Take Off: Is It Earrings?

Think small.

Earrings for everyday wear should be so comfortable that you can keep them on even when indulging in a decadent midday nap or dozing off on a plane.

Specifically, you could consider mid-sized hoops or even huggies. They’ll work well both with light, casual looks and with polished, work-ready outfits. Here is an idea:

White Gold Diamond Huggies (Small)


By now you’ve already spotted the common denominators…


Size: snug. With their minimal surface area and their thin profiles, hoops, dainty rings and fine necklaces will stay close to your body and conveniently out of your way.

Complexity: low. Select the jewellery pieces with the lowest number of moving parts and avoid pronounced textures.

Quality: high. To sustain weeks, months and even years of continuous use, look for materials that can stand the daily wear-and-tear. Like, for example, 18ct gold.


And, of course, however attached to a jewellery piece you get, you will have to take it off on occasion and to care for it properly.

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