Everything There Is To Know About Huggie Earrings

If you’ve ever wondered what huggie earrings are, how they got their name and what makes them so splendid for everyday wear, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we will equip you with the knowledge, tips and advice you need to make huggies part of your daily jewellery rotation.

What Are Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are one of the most popular styles of ear jewellery. Their design effectively “hugs” the earlobe, hence their cozy, heartwarming name.

As they are meant to wrap tightly around the lobe, the way they attach is different from other types of earrings. Some huggie earrings are made of two halves held together by a horizontal post. Others have a hinged section that can be opened and closed to put them on or to take them off, respectively.

The Difference Between Hoops and Huggies

At their core, huggies are actually a subset of hoops. Think of them as the hoops with the smallest diameter possible.

And, while hoops range everywhere from small to larger-than life, and from vigorous to wire-thin, huggies will always stay constant in terms of diameter and thickness. Their diameter is directly linked to the dimensions of an earlobe, and therefore invariable. Their width needs to be just consistent enough to make them noticeable - not more.

A more particular distinction between hoops and huggies may become noticeable if you have multiple piercings going up your ear and you plan on wearing both types at once. In both aesthetic and practical terms, huggies would work better in the upper half, with hoops in the lower half, increasing in diameter or thickness towards the earlobe.

Why Wear Huggie Earrings

So what exactly makes huggie earrings such a popular choice? Well, we think it all comes down to practicality.

As they wrap so tightly around the earlobe, huggies have no chance of getting tangled in your hair, in your clothes or in your other accessories. Picture them peeking from underneath a generous turtleneck or an oversized woolen scarf! Ultimately, huggie earrings can comfortably take you through an entire week’s worth of looks without missing a styling beat.

We love huggie earrings here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery, so we’ve created the perfect ones to punctuate your personal style. Lined with fine diamonds, of course. Shop them below.

Yellow Gold Diamond Huggies (Small)

White Gold Diamond Huggies (Small)

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