The Best Earrings If You Have Short Hair

If you have short hair, you've come to know that earrings are the default (and best) way to accessorise it. Short hair pairs so well with earrings because they work together as a team. Think of them as partners in making you look your absolute best.

And, since your hairstyle is set for weeks once you walk out of the salon, you’ll be relying on your earrings to switch things up time and time again.

With this in mind, here are our top choices…

The Best Earrings For Short Hair: Long Dangle Earrings

The first, quickest and most intuitive pairing for any short hairstyle are long, dreamy dangle earrings.

A fine rule of thumb is that the shorter the hair, the longer the earrings. Thin, elongated designs in particular will work fantastically well with pixie cuts or similar short hairstyles, while slightly heavier dangle designs will pair exceptionally well with bobs.

These are two options that you cannot go wrong with:


Say "Yes" Pearl Earrings

Esmeralda Hoops with Pearl Pendants (Large)

The Best Earrings For Short Hair: Lots Of Volume

As you might have already gathered by now, opposites attract, particularly when discussing earring options for short hair. So the fact that number two on our list are earrings with lots of volume should come as no surprise.

Take advantage of this intuitive rule of thumb by reaching for the boldest statement earrings in your arsenal. They will prove to be excellent for late night parties and black tie events.

For daytime though? Keep the volume principle at heart, but make things lighter by wearing hoop earrings. Think: classic, round ones or subtle, heart-shaped ones. Here’s what we mean:

Heart Hoops

The Best Earrings For Short Hair: Bold Colours

And, if you feel that neither volume nor length are expressive enough, there is an extra alternative: colour.

Red rubies, blue sapphire or green emeralds can draw all the right attention to your face. Pair them with a bold lip and you’ll be ready for any occasion. Such strong statements will impact not just your look, but your confidence and overall mood as well.

Ruby Red Earrings

Blue Sapphire Earrings

Brazilian Emerald & Yellow Sapphire Earrings

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