The Best Earrings If You Have Long Hair

The Best Earrings If You Have Long Hair

Figuring out what earrings to choose shouldn’t be something that you get tangled in every morning, especially if you plan on wearing your long hair down.

Admittedly, there is an easy way out: put on no earrings at all.

But who would want that, really?

So, instead, just go over this list of earrings that won’t get caught in your locks, yet are expressive enough to draw attention to your face.

We’ll start with the obvious option and work our way through to the more complex ones. Let’s explore them together…

The Best Earrings For Long Hair: Studs

Studs are a playful and elegant choice that proves to be popular season after season. Having them on hand means you can never go wrong in the jewellery department, since their styling versatility is unmatched.

And, when it comes to compatibility with long hair, they’re simply invaluable: small enough not to grip your tresses, yet shiny enough to stand out as a conscious fashion choice.

Here are our top picks:

Emerald Studs

Ruby Studs

Diamond Cross Earrings

The Best Earrings For Long Hair: Small Hoops

After making serious concessions to their oversized counterparts in the early aughts, small hoops have been enjoying a resurgence over the last few years.

The best part is that they work amazingly well with long hair. Nothing like a small, delicate hoop hanging a few millimetres below the earlobe to convey a sense of ease and sophistication.

And, in our interpretation, small hoops need no longer be all by themselves: they can be accompanied by proportionately small pendants that add some je ne sais quoi to their allure.

Here’s what we mean:

Angel Gold Closed Loop

Diamond Pendant Gold Closed Loop

Little Chilli Gold Closed Loop

The Best Earrings For Long Hair: Drop Earrings

Hanging noticeably below the earlobe without venturing far enough to disrupt your hair management, classic drop earrings have just the right amount of movement. Plus, they come in numerous types of designs suitable for both day- and nighttime wearing.

These are some of the newest drop earrings designs in our shop:

Malachite Earrings (Small)

Pink Opal Earrings (Medium)

Laser Cut Prasiolite Earrings

The Best Earrings For Long Hair: What Works Well With An Updo

Finally, a note for those days when you simply have to get the hair out of your face: the more pulled back your hairstyle, the more extravagant your choice of earrings can become. For slicked hair that is tied off in a bun, choose a pair of statement earrings to offset it.

On the contrary, if you’re going for that chic, slightly undone look with your hair in a messy bun and a just few wisps around your face, keep things simple and opt for studs or small hoops.

Head here to view our entire selection of earrings.

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