How To Style Any Type Of Earrings

How do you style earrings? You just put them on and go!

It’s as simple as that because your styling choices have steadily become automatic, unconscious.

We’re here to spell out options, so you can review them, celebrate them and even find new ones along the way.

Earrings vs. Hair, Make-Up & Upper-Half Accessories

Let’s start with your hairstyle. Short hair and tight buns allow for visually present jewellery, like hoops and dangle earrings. Loose long hair calls for smaller form factors, like studs or drops.

Next up, the face. The stronger the make-up, the lighter the jewellery. And vice-versa.

A bold lip colour and shiny metallic glasses are at odds with sparkly statement earrings. But a simple hairstyle like beachy waves paired with a no make-up make-up can greatly benefit from a pair of earrings with a twist.

On the same page, hair accessories like headbands, voluminous scrunchies or barrettes are super cool right now, but would likely compete with your earrings. For days when you want to keep both in the same look, minimalist or drop earrings are the ones to go for.

Earrings vs. Outfit

This is the first thing that registers with the people you meet every day, the first bit of visual communication that you send out.

And while there are obvious associations like pearl studs and business meetings, we’d like to encourage you to make a new one: diamonds and coffee. 

Go to a coffee date as you would to a gala: with heightened senses, a relaxed composure and with diamond earrings. Just remember to dress them down - it’s daytime, after all. Our suggestion: a belted blazer, flared jeans and booties.

Earrings vs. Other Jewellery

Chances are, if you love wearing earrings, you love wearing rings and necklaces as well. So, naturally, the issue of mix-and-matching them comes up frequently.

As with the previous criteria, the guiding principle is balance. Wear the visually present together with the discrete, to create accent points. This way, you get to decide where the attention is focused.

Here’s what we mean...

Fine necklace plus dangle earrings:

18ct Yellow Gold Customisable Disc Necklace

Say "Yes" Pearl Earrings

Midi ring plus shiny studs:

Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Mini Spiral Ring

Diamond Bar Studs

Dainty bracelet plus hoop earrings:

Diamond Studded Bracelet

Heart Hoops


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