About Us

Wearable Luxury

Specialising in transformable pieces, McFarlane Fine Jewellery creates signature collections, custom pieces and one-of-a-kind designs for the modern woman.

“We create wearable luxury from 18ct recycled gold.” - McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Founded in January 2013, the family-owned and run atelier designs and produces its pieces in Switzerland, working with the finest artisanal setters, casters and engravers.

Our Story

Esther and Kathleen McFarlane founded their jewellery atelier in January 2013. Initially called Love Is, the dynamic mother and daughter duo decided to step out from their anonymous label rebranding to McFarlane Fine Jewellery (MFJ) in October 2018. 

Esther started making jewellery at seventeen. An enthusiastic apprentice, she quickly completed her training at Bucherer, Switzerland as their first female goldsmith. Having finished her apprenticeship, Esther travelled to South Africa to broaden her understanding of stones and the jewellery industry. Quickly growing a network of private clients, as the McFarlane family travelled between Australia, South Africa, Ireland & Switzerland her clients followed too. 

 Kathleen (left) and Esther (right)

 Kathleen (left) and Esther (right)

Kathleen grew up surrounded by jewellery. Having watched Esther hand make pieces in her workshop from a very young age, jewellery design was always something she was fascinated with and admired. Dreaming of starting a business of her own, once she graduated from business school in 2012, McFarlane Fine Jewellery was born just a few months later.

Starting with just the pieces and raw materials they had on hand, the two started their jewellery atelier from Esther’s home workshop with just a bench and a laptop at the ready. Over the years the duo have developed their collections and custom pieces for clients all over the world honing in on their unique aesthetic and wearable designs. 


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