Your Back To Work Jewellery Kit

Your Back To Work Jewellery Kit

Jewellery is an essential part of one’s everyday wardrobe and style, even more so when it comes to pieces that can be worn to the office. Such pieces are, by the constraints of the environment, expressive yet discreet.

And while the guidelines for work jewellery essentials are timeless, it’s worth taking a look at the latest options in particular...

Work Jewellery Essential #1: The Delicate Studs

Studs are, without a doubt, the most popular office-wear jewellery must-haves. They work with pretty much any aesthetic and are practical to boot - long hair or short!

So deciding on the best ones for you is in no way a demanding, intensive process. On the contrary, just browse through various materials and finishes and see what catches your eye. If you like a classic touch, go with pearls. For a contemporary edge, choose a stylised pair. And if you prefer a hint of colour, gemstones are your friends.

Mini Pearl Studs

Work Jewellery Essentials #2: The Simple Necklace

If you wear just one piece of jewellery to the office tomorrow, make it a simple necklace.

Out of all your jewellery, it has the strongest visual impact and it can save your outfit from blending in. From planning how to wear it to choosing the right one for you and to styling it alongside your other jewellery pieces, we’ve fully covered the essentials of wearing necklaces to the office.

Heart Necklace

Work Jewellery Essentials #3: The Dainty Ring(s)

With office-ready jewellery, keeping things looking stylish yet functional is key. And nowhere is that factor more relevant than on your fingers. From morning transit to lunch breaks and coffee machines, you won’t want to constantly worry about damaging your rings. Besides, full-on statement rings might stand out a bit too much in a work setting.

But you also don’t want to miss out on the fun that an assortment of rings can bring.

For this reason, look for a middle way: dainty, low-profile rings worn in multiple stacks. They’ll stay out of your way while still catching the eye of the persons you interact with.

Rose Gold Half Moon Ring

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