3 Party-Ready Ideas: Accessories & Outfits For NYE

Whether you plan on spending New Year’s Eve at a glam party in the city or in a cabin up in the mountains, one thing’s decided: you need to shine, shine, shine!

There’s only a fortnight to go, so we’ve put together a quick list of super chic accessories to help you plan your outfit in advance.

Between a dainty knuckle ring, a pair of earrings you can wear two ways and a bold ring stack that’ll attract lots of compliments, you’ll find the hottest outfit-makers in the list below. (Mood and location suggestions included!)

Let’s see…

The Glamorous Double Duty Earrings

Black Tahitian Pearl & Zircon Stud Earrings

 Vibe: Chic and polished - destined for the urban glamazon.

 Ideal NYE Location: At a posh party.

 Outfit Suggestion: These earrings are the perfect accessories for when there’s mingling up ahead, as they draw attention to your face and to what you have to say. Complement their shine with a ruffled mini dress for maximum impact. 

The Versatile Mini Spiral Ring

"Quote Un-Quote" Mini Spiral Ring

 Vibe: Sophisticated, yet effortless. 

Ideal NYE Location: At home or at a friend’s party.

Outfit Suggestion: You can quite literally wear this ring with anything. But for NYE, we suggest you pair it with seasonal textures: knits, sequins, velvet. From sleek pantsuits or jumpsuits to skimpy dresses plus fishnets, it can perk up whatever you decide to slip into!


The Edgy Ring Stack That Can Draw A Crowd

Gold Little Phalanx & White Gold Diamond Stack by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Gold Little Phalanx & White Gold Diamond Stack  

Vibe: Moody and unapologetically cool.

 Ideal NYE Location: At a cozy cabin or spa.

Outfit Suggestion: You want to stay comfy, but you’re not one to shy away from sartorial risks. Crafted from 18ct gold, this spirited ring can bolster your courage and prompt lots of admiring questions. Dare to take centre stage by wearing it with a knitted or a full denim ensemble!

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