Creating A Styling Cycle With Transformable Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are described as transformable when they have detachable parts that can be moved, removed or replaced in order to create different looks for different contexts.

There is a certain liberty of choice too, as the concept offers unique styling options that would otherwise be impossible.

Having two or more ways to wear the same piece is an indisputable benefit, particularly when investing in fine jewellery. And, as the components of said piece will always go well with each other, there is a case to be made about coherence and ease of use as well.

All in all, transformable jewellery is an opportunity to get full results with minimum effort. In your day to day life, it does not require any special attention whatsoever - just treat it like regular jewellery

Then, after a while, switch things up slightly - just because you can. You’ll still be wearing your familiar pieces, but the light change will register with those around you and, most importantly, with yourself. This way, you can create a comfortable styling cycle around the pieces you love.

For example, the cycle could come down to something as simple as wearing some transformable earrings with the drop in front of the earlobe, behind the earlobe and then in front again. And, on occasion, you can break the cycle by wearing them asymmetrically (just the stud in one ear and the full earring in the other). Or simply mix and match with drops and pendants from other earrings that have removable components:

Pearl on Pearl Earrings

Say "Yes" Pearl Earrings


Esmeralda Pearl Hoops (Large)

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