Style Predictions For The New Year

One of the most exciting aspects about the year drawing to an end is the promising allure of what’s to come. So this week, we’re taking a look at three emerging trends for 2017.

Browse through their descriptions below while you’re waiting for the champagne to chill and be in the know when planning your style direction: 


Style Prediction 2017: Eclectic Throwbacks

In 2016 we’ve had a taste of everything with a throwback feel: high-waisted pants, distressed hems, patches, grunge vibes and cold shoulders.

Going forward, we’ll see the fashion timeline advance towards the early noughties and bring back toned down versions of plunging necklines, low-cut jeans and lots of shine.


Style Prediction 2017: Expressive Accessories

Accessories will always help you express, define and reinforce how you feel. And 2017 will definitely be the year to dial them way up, especially in the jewellery department.

In a time when everything goes and looks are defined by mood rather than by style influences, jewellery will play an essential part in outlining one’s personality. In 2017, define yours with sleek rings and precious earrings every day:

Photo: Talisa Sutton


Style Prediction 2017: Bold Colours

The return of the 80s in the fashion landscape has brought back a preference for bold colours and fun prints - and the party will keep going in 2017!

Just look at Pantone colour of the year, a bright shade of green that is as eye-catching as it is revitalising. Ready to pump up the volume in the colour department? Here are our suggestions:

1. Tourmaline Earrings

2. Amethyst Duet Ring

3. Ruby Dreamcatcher

4. The Lovely Bones

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