5 Steps To Refresh Your Spring Jewellery Style

A new season, a whole new jewellery selection?

Maybe… but not necessarily!

Follow these steps to revive your style for spring.

#1 Spring Clean… Literally

Just like everything else around you, your jewellery deserves a good cleaning every once in a while. And the start of a new season is the perfect time to do it.

Take all the items you currently have on rotation and make them shine anew by following these simple jewellery cleaning tips.

#2 Prepare Your Selection Base

Now that all the pieces that made up your autumn-winter selection are clean, separate them into evergreen essentials that define your style and seasonal pieces that you may have over-worn for the past few months.

Photo credit: @alisonliaudat

Store the recent over-worns safely.

Keep the essentials around and then dig up all the items that you’ve kept hidden away from previous years. Together, these will be the base for your new selection.

#3 Start With The Trends

With a nice and sparkly base on hand, it’s time to make a spring jewellery style selection that’s on trend.

The beautiful thing about it is that it’s sooo easy to do! Between fun asymmetries, out-of-this-world shine and innovative textures, you’re spoiled for choice this season.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get in on the fun, start with layering. For example, layered dainty pieces are still going strong. And they’re perfect for daily wear!

Photo credit: @annamaradan

#4 Accentuate

It’s now or never!

Perk up your jewellery wardrobe with some new, colourful pieces that can accentuate the trend(s) you’re going for.

Here’s an example:

Faceted Amethyst Studs

#5 Invest

And while there’s no harm in being spontaneous when purchasing on-trend items, it pays to be more strategic about investment pieces.

An exquisite classic will always transcend the fleeting trends. So when the next autumn-winter season rolls around, this piece will join your core jewellery collection. 

Here are our suggestions:


Frosted Fleur de Lys Earrings

Triple Diamond Bar Studs with Tahitian Pearls


Tanzanite Bow Brooch


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