There Are No Rules For Wearing Pearls. Or Are There?

Are there any rules for wearing pearls? Yes. No. Sometimes.

Because pearls are opaque and visually present, there are cases when wearing too many of them leads to a cluttered look. This, however, leaves room for matching pearls with other types of jewellery.

Read on to see what we mean.

Rules For Wearing Pearl On Pearl Jewellery

First up: how to look good wearing earrings and a pearl necklace at the same time. No, not good. Exceptional!

As they are so close next to one another they could easily become overpowering.

To achieve a fresh and modern look in this instance, the only tweak you need to make is to swap a long necklace for a shorter one or even for a chocker. Such well-balanced proportions are what’s needed to frame your face perfectly.

Wear them with simple white shirts, jeans and heels or with a minimalist dress and tall boots and they will successfully take you from day to night.

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Then, when it comes to pairing pearl earrings with a pearl bracelet, the rules are more relaxed. Since they are further apart from each other, they’ll always look good together as long as you keep other accessories at a minimum.

How To Wear Pearl Earrings In A Modern Way

If you want to incorporate pearls in your outfit in a novel way, this idea is for you. Put a twist on the classic pearl studs and go the contemporary route with a larger design that incorporates pearls but isn't defined by them.

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This is a more spectacular vision that also keeps a healthy dose of elegance.

How To Wear Pearls Together With Other Gems

The most known and worn pearls are off-white, so spicing them up with a pinch of colour comes naturally. Vivid gems like rubies or emeralds will do an excellent job and you now get the option of wearing them together even if you don’t have multiple piercings. Simply choose earrings that incorporate the colourful gems into the same piece, for an unforgettable combination.

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We are so proud of how these earrings turned out and of the versatility they offer our clients! They truly bring together the best of both worlds: classic pearls plus the bold shine of rubies and emeralds.

And one last tip: if you’re opting for this combination, forgo necklaces or bracelets that are also made out of pearls. The combination of pearls plus gems plus pearls might be too much.

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