What Is Office-Appropriate Jewellery?

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Giving into the latest trends is all fun and games until you realise you can’t wear any of them to work.

Do you find yourself turning your jewellery box upside-down every morning?

Then here are some ideas for office-appropriate jewellery you can confidently wear day after day.


Timeless Finishes For Countless Chic Looks

With office-appropriate jewellery, your best bet will always be dainty pieces made from real, quality materials.


Because it shows.

The weight of a real pearl necklace, the glimmer of a true gold bracelet or the shine of a polished silver ring will power up your look, especially if your work uniform is as simple as they come. 


Keep It Understated

In the earrings department, there’s no putting it gently: you should leave your chandelier earrings, oversized hoops and spiked ear cuffs at home and choose to wear a pair of simple studs instead.

All of this isn’t to say you can’t have some fun!

Go for studs that are decorated with precious stones or which are just a bit oversized - they’ll draw attention to your face and what you have to say, while also being office-appropriate.

Pale Pink Kunzite Earrings
Zircon Stud Earrings 


And when it comes to bracelets and necklaces, forgo heavily-decorated bracelets and bangles - they’re a pain when typing at your computer. Instead, choose to adorn your wrists with delicate bracelets.

They’ll add just the right amount of shine to your day and… mood!

Here are some ideas:

Yellow Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet


Earth Tones Are Your Friends

If daintiness just isn’t your thing (especially in the necklace or bracelet departments), fret not: you can still appease the statement-lover in you.

Simply reach for pieces in soft hues, possibly even earth tones.

Pair them with crisp white shirts and tailored blazers and watch your work office wardrobe transform:

Pink Pearl Necklace
Iridised Onyx Necklace/Bracelet
Pink Peruvian Rough Opal Necklace
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