8 Jewellery Pieces That Will Be Chic Forever

If seasonal fashion trends and the year-to-year shopping hustle are not your thing, evergreens are the way to go. We’re talking about pieces made out of high quality materials that you can wear time and time again without fear they will deteriorate or go out of style.

We’ve put together a list of must-have jewellery pieces, complete with a couple of fresh concepts you probably haven’t considered before. Keep reading to find out…

The Everyday Stack

The Everyday Earrings

Frosted Quartz Earrings (Small)

Everyday earrings often means a pair of studs. But it can also mean a pair of subtle drop earrings that are more visually present without taking over the show.

The Everyday Necklace

Moonstone Necklace

We are big fans of dainty necklaces, and can you blame us? They’re such a feminine staple and they go with everything in our closets. Safe to say this is one jewellery piece you will never tire of.

The Everyday Bracelet

White Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet

An everyday necklace needs an everyday bracelet to match. If you agree, you’ve surely already set your sights on one, but can we jump in with a suggestion? For added effect, go for dainty diamond detailing - it will make all the difference.


The Contemporary Cocktail Ring

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring

Cocktail rings have been the ultimate lavish pieces to wear on a night out for decades, often seen on the freshly-manicured fingers of stylish women. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate their magic in your own way. Opt for a fresh and minimalistic design to get the same result without being too literal.

The Elevated Chocker

Baroque Pearl Chocker

Chockers don’t always have to be a sign of rebellion. On the contrary. When made from pearls, they can navigate any trend or phase. For a contrasting look, pair with one or more long and dainty necklaces.

The Going Out Earrings

Citrine & Diamond Earrings

Much like the cocktail ring, these earrings only come out to play in the evening. And when they do… it’s a visual feast. For maximum effect, choose a pair dotted with diamonds.


The Transformable Earrings

Esmeralda Hoops with Pearl Pendants (Large)

If you don’t have a pair of transformable earrings yet, you’re missing out. These are earrings with detachable parts that can be removed, kept on, or even paired with other pieces in order to achieve different looks. Earrings, meet versatility.

The Midi Ring

"Quote Un-Quote Mini Spiral Ring"

It may have risen to mainstream popularity only a few years back, but it was enough for it to have a lasting impact: the midi ring has become a classic item to mix and match from here on out.

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