How To Get In With The Minimalist Jewellery Trend

If the shifting landscape of fashion trends has taught us anything, it’s that quality pieces with simple (and often classic) designs will always come out on top.

So here’s a quick update on the evergreen minimalist jewellery trend.

Get in with it now and have your jewellery box covered no matter what the trend du jour happens to be.


What Minimalist Jewellery Is About Right Now

Influencers, street style stars and fashion editors are steering minimalist jewellery towards fun expressions and luxe materials.

Think: uncomplicated and easy-going pieces that work for everyday, created out of the finest materials.

Photo credit: BangBangBlond

And can you blame them?

After all, a quality, real-deal jewellery piece will stay around long after its fast-fashion counterpart wears out.

How To Pull Off The Minimalist Jewellery Trend On A Daily Basis

The easiest way to do it is to create your own jewellery repertoire, a small selection of pieces that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

Photo credit: Anna Maradan

Here’s a simple guide that’ll help you build a jewellery wardrobe quickly.

Being able to access a curated collection will save you lots of time when you get ready in the AM.


Be Minimal In Your Attitude As Well

Jewellery aficionados, both seasoned and new, will tell you that the secret to minimalist jewellery (and to the minimalist aesthetic overall) is to take a step back.

Pause and consider what you’re wearing, how you’re wearing it and how you consume fashion in general.

Photo credit: @barbarakle wearing two White Gold & Diamond Rings:

Pair of White Gold Diamond Rings

The thing is that the minimalist jewellery trend doesn’t focus solely on form, but also calls for a return to quality materials and thoughtful design.

And, with it, you are given the opportunity to redesign the entire way you approach style.

Are you up to the challenge?


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