How To Choose The Best Minimalist Drop Earrings

How To Choose The Best Minimalist Drop Earrings

Simple and easy to wear, drop earrings will naturally make their way into a minimalist’s jewellery wardrobe. Their form factor has been perfected for decades, making them a viable option for lazy weekends and busy weekdays alike.

And while their shape is immutable, their colours and textures sure aren’t, meaning you still get to make some choices before you can slide them in and go…

#1: Consider Your Routine

What does your day to day life look like? Depending on the activities you engage in, you might find either smaller or larger drop earrings to be your go-to accessory.

For example, a pair of earrings with a small drop will be appropriate for a work meeting - be it on- or offline. Whereas a pair of extra large drops will be an easy way to dress up your look for a festive setting - again, both on- or offline.

Moonstone Earrings (Extra Large)

#2: Consider The Colours In Your Wardrobe

Are you a colour enthusiast who loves every hue under the Sun or are you all about delicate neutrals? The answer to this question will be the deciding factor when you choose your next drop earrings.

Whether you want to have 3 green pairs in slightly different designs or multiple pairs of the same design in a variety of colours, you can set the intention and curate from the get-go.

Blue Lapis Lazuli Earrings (Medium)

#3: Consider Your Jewellery Preferences

Minimalism in jewellery doesn't inherently mean a smooth surface. Instead, it describes a single gesture, a clarity of message. It’s about selecting a design that’s distilled and intentional.

So if you enjoy adding texture to your looks, you can confidently wear drop earrings that have either not been cut at all, and are angular and dramatic, or ones that have been intricately cut using special techniques, so they’re poised and sophisticated.

Laser Cut Prasiolite Earrings by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Laser Cut Prasiolite Earrings

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