Matching Jewellery With Clothes Is Easier If You Know This

Perfectly matching jewellery with clothes comes down to one single and clear question: where is the colour?

If you make this decision consciously when you get dressed, you’ll get your styling right every time, every day. These are the guidelines to keep in mind…

Matching Jewellery With Clothes: Uniform Background

Between a cheerful coat, matching coordinates or a shirt with a refreshing print, any colourful clothing item is bound to attract all the attention. So what should your jewellery be like in such a case?

Well, the safest, full-proof option is to go for pieces that are not colourful at all: silver, white gold, clear gemstones or even pearls. This will mark your attention to details without competing with your colourful outfit.

18ct Yellow Gold Customisable Disc Necklace

Matching Jewellery With Clothes: Subtle Amplification

If accessories are the most colourful part of your ensemble, your jewellery could enhance that statement.

And rather than replicate the colours rigidly, why not aim for a softer match and choose hues that are close to each other on the colour wheel? Wear a pink handbag with a pair of ruby studs, yellow shoes with a pink necklace or a green belt with a tsavorite ring.

Ruby Studs

Pink Peruvian Opal Necklace

Tsavorite Ring


Matching Jewellery With Clothes: Controlled Contrast

The boldest choice when matching earrings with clothes is to create contrast. This requires more careful consideration, as wearing different colours at once can be a slippery slope. But the seemingly risky choice is worth it, because it can yield the boldest of results.

And the way to keep everything under control is to select complementary colours: green and gold, orange and purple, pink and blue.

Be especially considerate with your make-up in such a scenario. If there are already two distinct colours in your look, your make-up should either match them closely or consist of pure black instead.

Aquamarine Necklace With Diamond Encrusted Clasp

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