The Best Jewellery To Wear On The Beach

It’s summer and hanging around at the beach is, hands down, the BEST thing about the season.

So here’s what you can wear to make those swimsuit selfies turn out juuust right:

Get Creative & Layer Away 

Photo credit: Anna Maradan

Anna is wearing the Little Chilli Necklace:

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Layering your jewellery adds dimension, movement and visual interest. And this is as true on the city pavements as it is on the sandy beach.

Go for fine, dainty pieces (be they necklaces, bracelets or body chains) and you can successfully accessorise any type of swimsuit. They won’t restrict your movements or leave unwanted tan lines - yay!

Live it up, Add Some Colour

Photo credit: The Ivory Diary

Let yourself be inspired by tropical prints, exotic fruits or refreshing drinks and incorporate a touch of their bold colours into your look.

It can be as simple as opting for a colourful pendant instead of a plain one. A pop of red, blue or green will shine brighter on the beach than it ever could on the city streets.

If You Want To Keep Your Jewellery In Top Shape, Do This

Photo credit: Draw Dress Dream wearing pieces from our Love You to the Bone Collection

You can easily get away with wearing jewellery on the beach, especially if you look at it with a practical eye.

Dainty pieces and a splash of colour are super-easy ways to spice up your beach look.

And if you want to go for a swim with your jewellery on, our best advice is… don’t.

Photo credit: My Showroom Blog wearing the "Quote Un-Quote" Necklace

Keep it on for extra selfie credits, but DO take it off before jumping in the water.

The waves can undo even the most resistant of chain links or break open the tightest clasp.

Plus, the salt water will take its toll on your precious gems.

So put your favourites away before you head for a swim and put them back on after you towel-dry.

Have fun and enjoy summer!


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