Key Advice For First Time Fine Jewellery Owners

Key Advice For First Time Fine Jewellery Owners

Being new to the world of fine jewellery means there are some thrilling opportunities ahead.

Whether you’ve recently become an owner or you’re considering ordering in the near future, give proper consideration from day one and your experience will be delightful!

Below, sensible and practical advice for first time fine jewellery owners…

Get To Know It

Examine that colourful gem from all angles and note its beauty; savour the moment your eyes meet the lavish diamonds; swipe your fingers along the delicate settings! Acknowledging the craftsmanship that went into creating your fine jewellery piece should be the first thing you do after unpacking.

So do take the time to admire it for yourself before you take it out into the world!

Assign Meaning

Whether it is the result of a session of self-gifting, a thoughtful present from a dear one or even if it’s a pragmatic investment, this fine jewellery piece is now with you for a reason. Be aware of that reason from day one and its meaning will accumulate and intensify the longer you wear it.

Wear It Daily

Fine jewellery is not necessarily just about drawing attention to yourself and taking the room the moment you step in - although that is exactly what statement pieces will help you achieve. Instead, it’s about the quality of materials and the thoroughness of the fabrication process.

All of this is to say that fine jewellery pieces can withstand frequent or even daily wear. So do take advantage! Putting on your fine jewellery piece in the most mundane contexts - going to work, going shopping, meeting friends - will make your days all the more special and delightful.

Care For It

Fine jewellery pieces are not necessarily high maintenance. They simply demand a little bit more attention when it comes to storage and upkeep. Elaborate pieces like statement necklaces should be stored flat. Porous materials such as pearls should be kept away from moisture. And always, always put on jewellery last. (After body cream, perfumes and makeup.) This way, your favourite pieces will preserve their appearance for years and years to come.

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