How To Wear Pearls Without Looking Old Fashioned

Delicate, memorable and impossibly beautiful, pearls are one of the most enduring jewellery staples.

Yet today they fly somewhat under the radar, simply because they’re perceived as difficult to style.

So let’s dispel that myth!

Here are 3 ways to wear your pearls that’ll make you look chic, chic, chicer!


Keep It Simple

If you’re new to pearl jewellery, start off with a pair of simple earrings. They are incredibly versatile and easy to wear from early morning ‘till late at night.

Below, a pair of pearl earrings finishes off a sleek office look perfectly and draws attention to the face:


Photo credit: My Showroom Blog
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Toughen Them Up

They say that opposites attract, and this holds particularly true when styling pearls.

While pearls will always look right with a cashmere sweater, you have to go off the beaten track to get a contemporary edge.

So why not wear your pearls with a biker jacket?

Here, a pair of pearl studs look perfectly balanced with a black patent jacket and a pair of dark sunnies:

Photo credit: Anna Maradan
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A Touch Unpredictable

You can effortlessly add pearls to your jewellery rotation if you reach for pieces that incorporate them in a novel way.

Photo credit: BangBangBlond
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For example, a pair of pearl earrings that can be worn both with and without the bottom pendant.

Or a necklace that doubles as a bracelet.

Or, if we’re talking colour, something as simple as black pearls instead of white ones.

L-R: Black Tahitian Pearl & Zircon Stud Earrings 
Black Cultured Pearl Necklace
Pink Pearl Necklace

Do this and you’ll find yourself wearing your favourite pearls casually and styling them in a fresh and modern way. Have fun experimenting!

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