How To Stack Rings Like A Fashion Pro

Most of the time, when it comes to wearing your favourite pieces of jewellery, it's best to go with your instincts. 

Your mood, the look you’re going for and the occasion can all influence what you end up wearing.

But what if you’re stuck for ideas?

What if your favourite pieces don’t speak to you anymore?

What if everything that you wear feels repetitive and dull?

In that case, it’s time to put your jewellery mix-and-matching skills to use. Here are 3 simple (and stackable) combinations you can easily recreate:


1. Linear: One For Each Finger (Or Almost)

You know what they say… Sometimes, less is more.

Instead of layering 2 or 3 rings on a single finger, break them up and redistribute them. The result should look like a horizontal, linear and insanely eye-catching array.

Of course, the way you interpret this approach may vary: you can wear regular rings or knuckle rings. The choice is yours!

Photo: The lovely Alison @ BangBangBlond

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2. Equilibrium: An Equal Number Of Rings On Each Hand

If you like things to be all neat and perfect, this ring stacking recipe will be straight up your alley!

Stack and mix your rings whatever way feels right for you, but keep their numbers equal on each hand. Feel free to balance out this evenness with the geometry of your rings.

Photo: darling Anisa Sojka

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3. Subtle: When Dainty Rings Make The Rules

Hey, nobody said that stacking rings must result in overwhelming visuals. Sometimes, outfits with busy prints and bold colours are best complimented by a stack of dainty rings. And what better way to wear them then juxtaposed?

The result will be a super clean and elegant look that’ll be special enough to make a statement.

Photo: the lovely Priscila @ My Showroom Blog

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