How To Look Stylish All Winter Long

Winter: love it or hate it, it’s here!

So how do you dress stylishly during the most extreme season of the year?

You pay extra attention to accessories, of course! Here’s what to keep an eye on…


A Season Of Contrasts

Photo credit: My Showroom Blog

Big knits and slinky dresses, over-the-knee boots and mini skirts… Winter may be the coldest season of the year, but it just means you have that much more to play with!

Put this to your advantage and work with volumes when it comes to accessories, too.

Pair a chunky bangle with a dainty ring, an understated bracelet with a statement necklace or a serious ear party with a simple wrist watch.


Accentuate Strategically


Let’s just face it: in winter, you’re bound to be bundled up from head to toe, no matter what.

So emphasise the parts that, for better or worse, are still visible.

Your earlobes, fingers are wrists are the perfect spots to add some shine and chase away the winter blues.

For the easiest way to do this in practice, think no further than turtlenecks plus high-shine earrings.


The Secret Weapon

Photo credit: My Showroom Blog

More than anything else, winter calls for realism.

The beautiful thing is that this carries different meanings to different people.

If you’re big on accessorising year-round, there’s no need to stop come winter. So pull out all the stops by throwing on a hat, hoop earrings and a pair of sunglasses.

If you lean more towards minimalism, you’ll feel at home in a cozy sweater and a couple of dainty rings.


Whatever your definition of realism happens to be, stick to it in every season.

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