How To Find Your Ring Size (And How To Use Our Ring Sizer)

How To Find Your Ring Size (And How To Use Our Ring Sizer)


Out of all the jewellery pieces out there, rings require the most attention when it comes to size.

That’s because they are such deeply personal pieces! Fitting them on your fingers is a mix of subjective preference, practicality and… physics.

A tight-fitting one would be uncomfortable in summer and a loose-fitting one would require constant care so it doesn’t slip off. Whereas a snug, comfortable fit would encourage you to wear the ring time and time again. So finding the perfect ring size is a must for everyone.

And after going through this article, you’ll know exactly what it takes. Let’s dive in! 

What You Need To Know About Ring Sizing

The ground rule is simple: a ring should be tight enough to stay on your finger, yet loose enough to be taken off without much effort. But even within this seemingly narrow margin, there is plenty of room for variations and considerations.

First off, note that if size adjustments are needed after purchase, it is really only practical to tighten a ring, not to loosen it. So, if you’re unsure - or buying a ring as a present for someone else, it’s always preferable to get a slightly larger size.

Also, note that finger circumference is influenced by temperature, so it tends to differ slightly across the seasons. Fingers are somewhat slimmer in winter because of the cold, while in summer they may feel a bit swollen, as they expand with the heat.

Then, consider if the ring is a dainty band or if it's a statement piece with a large gemstone on top. The extra weight might actually tilt the ring off to one side. So a tighter fit is preferable.

And, finally, ring size can actually vary from one hand to the other for the same person. What fits comfortably on your right middle finger could be a bit loose on your left one; and vice-versa.

For all these reasons, if you’re not sure about your ring size, it is best to ask for the ring sizer. Here’s how that works here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery…

How To Use Our Ring Sizer

You’ve spotted the ring you want on social media or on our website. You head over to the product page, and, if you already know your size, you proceed to select the right option from the drop-down menu. If, however, you're not entirely sure of your ring size or if your size is not listed, you can pick the ring sizer option.

Note: We only keep the most common ring sizes in stock on our website. If yours is not among those, we’ll create a new, custom-sized ring just for you!

Upon receiving your order, we will mail you a ring sizer like the one in the photo below. It works just like a belt-and-buckle: to find your ring size, simply slip it onto your desired finger and adjust the selector little by little until the band fits snuggly. Hold your hand down and keep adjusting until it doesn't fall off by itself, yet it’s still loose enough to be pulled over your knuckle easily.

Maybe you’ll find that there is more than one position that meets this criterion, so keep playing with the slider and find your personal preference: on the looser side to account for summer heat or on the tighter side to restrict rotation?


Once you’re happy with the result, read the little number that appears enlarged in the selector, let us know what the value is and done: your ring will come in the exact size you need! 

How We Create Your Custom Ring

We believe in transparency and pulling back the curtain on our processes and gems, so here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how rings are made to fit. (If you like this, you might enjoy our Behind The Gems series, too). Here are the three tools we use to make sure rings are made to the exact size that is needed:


Left: This is a professional ring sizer with individual rings for each diameter. We use it to measure fingers in person, whenever a client visits our workshop.

Middle: This is the adaptive ring sizer that you receive with your online purchase. Use it at home to determine your exact ring size, so we can custom create it for you.

Right: This is called a ring mandrel and it's used to accurately measure the size of the rings in our workshop. The ring in the image is size 55, indicated by where it stops on the mandrel.


We hope you've enjoyed this article and that it will make your next online shopping experience a little less stressful! If you have any other questions, send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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