Halloween Inspiration: How To Accessorise On The Spookiest Night Of The Year... And Beyond

Halloween is coming up and it’s bringing along that familiar, volatile mood. Before you know it, the party is over, the costumes are returned and you’re back in the office. 

But what if, this time, you went beyond discardable accessories and straight for something that can be worn for more than one night?

A minimum of pre-planning can get you the accessories to last you through the event… and beyond!

Here’s some inspiration to help you pick:

Pieces from the Love You to the Bone Collection


How To Wear:

Add some sparkle to an all black ensemble by wearing one of our signature Phalanx Stacks. They come in a variety of styles, so you can easily go all out and make a statement!

Sleek or sparkly, any one of these will bring a touch of drama to your look. Steal the show at this Halloween party!

If you’re looking for something subtle, the Knuckle B'Os Rings or the Little Phalanx Ring will be your go-to pieces.

Mix and match them as you please. Spending the day in a café working on your laptop? Don’t be surprised if your rings become conversation starters!

Extra Styling Tips:

The various colours and textures in our phalanx and knuckle rings will create visual focus points in your look.

For example, pile them on copiously to dress up a simple outfit or, on the contrary, choose only one or two if you’re wearing a floral dress with a busy print.

And finally, don’t forget to add a Carpus Bangle or the Lucky Bone Necklace to the mix - you’ll have fun wearing them!


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