Modern Appeal: Double Gemstone Rings

Modern Appeal: Double Gemstone Rings

Gemstones: the more the merrier, especially when it comes to rings.

At McFarlane Fine Jewellery, we have an entire collection based on the concept of duality.

But what makes double gemstone rings special?

Below, we explore their unmistakable appeal.

What is a double gemstone ring?

It is, of course, a ring that is adorned with two gemstones.

And while that sounds simplistic, it is actually a conscious design choice made by the jewellery designer: the ring will not have a single large gemstone, nor will it have an arrangement of smaller ones. It will have two of them, often of the same type, and cut in similar sizes.

What stones go into a double gemstone ring?

This choice will vary from jeweller to jeweller. The stones in double gemstone rings can go from diamonds to amethysts and all the colours in between.

The Duet Collection

In our Duet collection, we’ve included four options: amethysts, aquamarines, lemon citrines and prasiolites. The amethysts are perfect for statement-makers who love bold hues. The prasiolites and the lemon citrines will be loved by those who prefer a more delicate take on colours. And the aquamarines tiptoe the line between the two worlds.

What makes a double gemstone ring special?

Before anything else, rings are morsels of pre-vetted beauty that you can wear on your hand as you go about your day.

The great thing about double gemstone rings in particular is that wearing a single one on your hand will often be enough.

Which is exactly what our signature Duet collection was created for: each ring from the collection has two large gemstones of the same type, as a metaphor for coherence and stability. Yet their cut is markedly distinct: one a perfect circle, the other a sharp pear.

The resulting asymmetry makes such a visual statement that you can joyfully (and comfortably!) wear a Duet ring as your sole jewellery piece day in, day out.

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