The Forever Buy: Diamond Encrusted Jewellery

The Forever Buy: Diamond Encrusted Jewellery

Diamonds are the ultimate, most coveted gemstones. So highly regarded, in fact, that they’re thought to be too precious, too bulky or simply too special to wear everyday. They might end up forgotten and unloved in your jewellery box, waiting for that festive occasion.

But you can have your jewellery and wear it, too, if you simply choose the subtler diamond encrusted options.

Let’s take a look at pieces that you can buy AND wear daily. Forever.

Diamond Encrusted Ring

By default, the words “diamond ring” render a mental image of a sizeable diamond with a simple band. But we love to take classic jewellery pieces to the next level by reinterpreting them as contemporary designs.

Our approach is to use the diamonds as a subtle way of creating texture. Set in fine arrays, they augment the support material without overpowering it.

Pair of Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

Diamond Encrusted Earrings

With earrings, we’re also using diamond arrays to create texture and let the tone of the support material shine through.

And besides that, we’ve discovered that faceted, delicate diamonds are the perfect visual accents! Contrasting a polished surface, balancing other gemstones or even hidden away as surprising inserts, your choices range from the most ornate to the most minute.

Triple Diamond Bar Studs With Tahitian Pearls

Diamond Encrusted Necklace

Texture, accents and more: at McFarlane Fine Jewellery, we add diamonds to our necklaces in an intentional and thoughtful way. We use them either by themselves, making them dainty focal points, or in combination with other gemstones. Doing so makes the pieces not just more precious, but also more wearable.

Sometimes, these design choices bring unexpected versatility to a piece: a diamond encrusted clasp makes the necklace wearable in any orientation. Rather than something to be hidden away, the clasp can now be worn front and centre.

Aquamarine Necklace with Diamond Encrusted Clasp

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