A Guide To Detachable Pearl Drop Earrings

Looking for a pair of detachable pearl drop earrings? Well, you’re in luck because we have just the thing for you… a splendid selection of transformable earrings that will wow everyone around you. (Even if “around” mostly means video calls…)

The classic allure of pearls takes on a contemporary twist in these stud-and-pendant duets, making them essential accessories for everyday elegance.

Keep the pendants attached for gentle movement and visual appeal, or take them off for simple and straight-forward charm. The choice is yours.

These five pairs of earrings with detachable pearl drops will quickly prove our point.

Pearl on Pearl

An intuitive way of enhancing pearl pendants is with matching studs. Few things are more elegant than pearls, so when the opportunity arises to layer them, you simply have to take it.

Button Pearls with Elongated Pearl Pendants by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Button Pearls with Elongated Pearl Pendants

The Statement

They say X marks the spot, but what if the spot were more stylish than you ever thought possible? Yet, it’s true: these delicate studs are encrusted with small diamonds and serve as the outstanding reference for a set of pearl drops. Detachable, of course.

Simple Diamond Cross Pearl Earrings by McFarlane Fine Jewellery in 18ct yellow gold with detachable diamond cross stud

Simple Diamond Cross Pearl Earrings


Not all detachable pearl drop earrings are quite the same, and here is the proof: a sophisticated duo of white cultured pearls hang delicately by a fine gold chain. Their anchor? Smaller, yet equally gorgeous pearl studs.

Say Yes Pearl Earrings by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Say "Yes" Pearl Earrings

The Stand Outs

Nothing is quite as remarkable as black pearls, especially when they are part of a transformable pair of earrings. See for yourself by experimenting with this fine mix, where luscious black pearls are complimented by two round spinels in the shape of stand-alone studs. Perfection!

Black Spinel Earrings with Detachable Black Pearl Pendants by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Black Spinel & Pearl Earrings

Mix & Match

Yearning for a pop of colour? Look no further than these transformable earrings with Tahitian pearl pendants. Their charm is elevated by the Triple Diamond Bar Studs and, together, they make the right jewellery to get you through all moods and style preferences.

Triple Diamond Bar Studs with Tahitian Pearls