Dainty Diamond Necklaces And Their Timeless Appeal

Dainty Diamond Necklaces And Their Timeless Appeal

Diamonds? Too many, yet never enough! Since we love diamonds in all shapes and sizes, we’re always looking for ways to feature them in our collections. And that holds true even with the most delicate of pieces, like our dainty necklaces.

1. The Dainty Diamond Pendant Necklace

Five Forty Diamond Necklace

Sometimes, you just want diamonds to take centre stage. And what better way to turn a dainty necklace into a showstopper than to line it up with diamonds? As the sparkling array rests on your skin, it gently marks your posture and your movements.

While the necklace itself is made of yellow gold, the individual settings are made of white gold. This makes for a delicate contrast that puts even more emphasis on the diamonds.

2. The Dainty Necklace With Diamond Encrusted Pendants


Diamond Encrusted “Quote Un-Quote” Necklace

A different take on the dainty diamond necklace comes in the form of encrusted pendants. The fun thing is, there is virtually no limit to how many diamonds you can incorporate this way. Depending on the size and shape of the pendants, encrusting them with diamonds can result in either a subtle or a bold take.

If you’re curious what that means exactly, look no further than our Diamond Encrusted “Quote Un-Quote” Necklace. It’s a bolder variation of our original “Quote Un-Quote” Necklace that is best suited for those who want to live life to the… sparkliest!

3. The Dainty Necklace With Diamond Accented Pendants

Baroque Pearl Necklace

And, finally, the most artful approach of them all: dainty necklaces with diamond accented pendants. In this case diamonds are added in only as a surprise. When the pendant twists or dangles, the accenting diamond catches a drifting ray of sun, powers up (“What was that?!”) and then immediately fades back into the background. Astonishingly subtle!

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