How To Do Casual Accessorising

How To Do Casual Accessorising

Photo credit: @thanonhile wearing the Little Phalanx Ring from our Love You to the Bone collection

In a warm and casual context, you want to show your friends or family that you’re taking the meeting seriously, but you are not there to compete.

This is the time when it’s safe to let your guard down. When you don’t need to project power or command attention. When all you have to do is to lend an ear and provide enjoyable company…

Not More Than Two

Oftentimes, what gives the impression of casual (as opposed to elegant) is the number of jewellery pieces you have on. Anything over two jewellery pieces will start reading as elaborate.

So, for the purpose of looking - and feeling - laid back, consider wearing just one item with a larger visual footprint or two smaller ones close to each other. A necklace in the first case, a ring and a bracelet in the latter. The result? A casual, yet put-together and considerate look.

Keep It Simple

Sparkling diamonds, swaying drops or rattling gems can instantly bring all eyes on you. But this would not be desirable in a context that’s all about harmony and sharing. The conversation should flow freely around the coffee table, without focusing on anyone in particular.

So taking a step back and opting for fine, minimalist jewellery instead is the respectful - and comfortable - thing to do. The precious metals will provide just the right amount of shine and the exquisite craftsmanship will effortlessly read through.


And with the tone set this way, you now have full creative freedom to convey your personality through meaningful details. If you’re wearing a dainty chain necklace, add a small gem pendant in your favourite colour. Or a personalised pendant with a clear (or mysterious?) engraving.

For a ring-and-bracelet combo, make shape the defining characteristic. Symbolic, figurative jewellery can be expressive and inspiring without being too loud.

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