When Basic Doesn’t Mean Boring: You’ll Fall For These Everyday Earrings


Basic truly doesn’t have to mean boring, as long as you make inspired choices. So if you find yourself returning to the same (tried and true) jewellery options day after day, you might benefit from a change of pace. Enter the everyday earrings you did not know you needed.

In the following lines, you’ll find suggestions for three main styling personas, so you can choose the everyday earrings that suit you best. Enjoy!

For The Classic At Heart

If your default pick is a pair of studs because of their versatility and go-with-anything flair, there is an alternative worth considering: closed hoops. A single dash of shine from the side and a barely there hoop from the front, they'll wrap your earlobe with the same wear-with-anything goodness.

And, when you're ready for something new, you can always just dress them up by adding a pendant.

Gold Closed Hoops

Angel Earring Pendant

For The Practical Spirit

One of the earring shapes you simply cannot go wrong with is the standard drop. A pair of earrings in this shape will go well with everything you choose to wear - there’s no need for a late afternoon accessory change to prepare your look for the night ahead.

And, since the shape is so well-established, you can experiment with colour. If you want to opt for a shade that is unexpected, yet works with everything, you’ll love a good pastel. Pastels are remarkable, but not striking, hence perfect for everyday wear.

Lemon Chrysoprase Earrings (Medium)

For The Determined Go-Getter

You know that context is king. And you are always ready to adapt to any change in context that might come your way. Style-wise, this means switching accessories several time a day. Or…

Simply cycling through the subtle and the bold postures of your transformable earrings. A glimmer of gold for the times you need to observe stealthily. And the full pink and rose gold combination when it’s your time to take the floor.

Rose Gold & Pink Peruvian Opal Pendant Earrings

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