5 Signs You’re Damaging Your Jewellery (And What To Do About It)

Here’s a chilling thought: you might be damaging your jewellery without even realising it.


Don’t panic though, we’re listing the most common risks right here.

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#1 You don’t put them back in their designated spot

Hey, it happens:

You come home from work late one evening and the last thing on your mind is putting everything back in its rightful spot.

But there’s one thing you should always make time for (along with taking off your make-up): placing your jewellery in its box.

This way, you precious pieces will not accidentally tarnish, break or get lost. Not to mention, it’ll speed up your accessorising process in the AM.


#2 You Leave Them In A Pile On Your Vanity Table For Days On End

Along the same lines as #1, this too happens to the best of us, especially when life gets crazy.

As soon as you notice this happening, take a couple of minutes to sort it out.

Rest the rings and bangles one by one in their boxes and detangle the chain bracelets and necklaces. If you have the space, hang the latter - in their natural position.


#3 You Let Them Sink To The Bottom Of Your Bag

Oftentimes you may choose to part with an accessory for the day and, when that happens, your handbag is the natural place for it to go.

But don’t leave it in there forever along with rogue coins and receipts - it might get seriously damaged by accidentally yanking at it.

Thankfully, you can easily avoid this by remembering to take the piece out the moment you step foot inside the house.


#4 You Wear Them At The Pool/Gym

Sweat and chlorine can easily ruin your pieces. Not to mention, they can accidentally get tangled or even broken while you’re enjoying your workout.

So the next time you’re about to step into the pool or into the gym, make sure you’ve left ALL of your jewellery in your locker. Or better still, at home.


#5 You Don’t Spare Them When Applying Lotions Or Perfume

This often overlooked rule can affect precious metals and seriously damage porous materials like pearls.

The best way to protect your jewellery is to make sure you’ve applied all your lotions, perfumes and hairspray well before you get to the accessorising part.

Allow body creams to soak in for a bit and take the opportunity to do your make-up and hair in the meantime.

Being mindful of what and when you put on will prolong the life of your treasured jewellery pieces.


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