Pure London August 2014

As we settle back into Swiss life and the day to day running of Love Is, we thought we should catch you up on our London adventures!

Pure London is one of the UK’s leading fashion trade shows and our first fray into the trade show world. One of the benefits of being a start up company is that everything feels like an adventure. It’s all new and shiny and full of endless possibilities. The flip side of this however, is that it can be a little intimidating as there are no presidents to follow, no rules or guidelines to adhere to and no records to smash… It’s all just up in the air!

For anyone who knows us, Esther and I are quite fond of the novelty of it all (my ravenous sense of curiousity is definitely something I inherited from her) but we do have to admit the uncertainty can be a little daunting. For the last few weeks we have been running around like crazy ladies trying to organise ourselves for the show and I have to say that we are quite proud of what we achieved in just 6 weeks.


The show itself was held in the gorgeous London Olympia, an exhibition and conference centre located in central London (Earls Court for you Londoners ;) ). This beautiful space and the captivating buzz created by the stands upon stands of beautiful little boutiques and burgeoning companies was a great experience to be a part of. 

As a new exhibitor at the show, we were located in the accessories launch pad. As it was our first exhibition we wanted to create a stand that was simple yet fitting to our brand. Although the LYB collection is quite edgy and we did consider going for a more gender neutral look, our limited time and the headache of attempting to transport props from Zurich to London lead us to seek a more “aeroplane baggage regulations” friendly form of exhibiting…  Hello paper flowers!   


(Posters photographed by Elena.) 

These stunning paper flowers were the perfect solution. They look great whilst helping make the stand feel more established. Plus, they are very easy to put together and dismantle thanks to the clever and well thought through planning by Micheala from Comeuppance. We have to say we’re quite pleased with the results. Not too shabby for our first (trade show) attempt!  


(Above a close up of the flowers.) 

Through our time at Pure London we met some very lovely people. The show taught us a lot about ourselves and were we want to take Love Is and we could not be more excited. We have lots of plans and pieces that we can’t wait to unveil to you very soon!  

Until next time, big hugs, 

Kathleen, Esther & all the Li Team ♡

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