There's Method in Our Madness

If you have ever tried to name a new piece of art or a product you’ll understand the frustration. You’ve come up with the concept, spent hours upon hours designing and redesigning the idea, months finalizing and reworking the finished piece, what seems like years explaining and re-explaining the concept to your team, you’ve finalised your release plan and now there’s just one thing left to do… Name it.

It seems simple enough. You know the product inside out, you’ve researched your target market and your marketing plan is just falling into place, but all you’ve got swimming through that little brain is ______. Yup, nada. After all the hard work and the difficult decisions you’ve agonised over, you’ve got nothing. A big pile of nothing… This my dear friends was my predicament for the LYB collection.

As I struggled to think of anything other than calling all the pieces The Bone something, in steps some amazing friends who suggest naming the pieces after bones in the body and to incorporate the Latin word for bone “os” into the overall concept. A few Google searches later and The Bone Ring became The B’Os Ring, The Bone Cufflinks and The Bone Bracelet were transformed into The Carpus Cufflinks and The Carpus Bracelet, The Bones Ring became The Phalanx Ring and finally The Little Bone Necklace was renamed The Collar Bone Necklace, all after the corresponding bone(s) in the human body as shown in the diagram below.image


As you can see, there’s ‘some’ method in our madness but more importantly some amazing friends.

Rant over. 

Big hugs, 

K ♡

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