3 Easy Tips For Breaking Out Of The Winter Gloom

Winter: that time of the year when short days and low temperatures can take a toll on your style and mood. But, only if you let them!

Today we uncover three simple ways to enjoy the cold without regrets.

Spice Up Your Winter Coat:

Wearing the same “uniform” all winter long can quickly become a drag.

So if you’re suddenly feeling uninspired by your coat collection, you’re not the only one. Until spring comes along, perk up your look with some shiny gems.

An earcuff, a statement bracelet or a bold stack of rings peaking through those winter layers will exponentially improve your mood.

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Lounge In Cozy Layers And Shiny Jewellery

A warm sweater and a hot cup of cocoa can turn even the murkiest of moods around.

But why not commit to making your personal time even more luxurious? After all, nobody said that precious jewellery is only reserved for appearances. 

Next time when you find yourself with a free moment, make it count! Adorn your fingers with a stack of fine diamond rings and watch your mood improve.


Photo by the lovely @thaonhile.


Turn Your Wardrobe Upside Down

Ok, we don’t mean that literally.

Or do we? ;) 

If you’re feeling stuck in the depths of winter, even a peek at your warm weather favourites will instantly bring up the memory of a gentle breeze against your skin.

Next time you’re getting dressed in the morning, do some digging and pull out your favourite lighter threads. Layer them however you feel: dresses or skirts over pants, oversized sweaters over slinky dresses… the sky is the limit!

Are you ready?

Photo by the stylish Swantje.

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