When I Travel: Anna Maradan

In our recently-launched series, “When I Travel”, we further the conversation around jewellery and travel with some of our favourite influencers.

We are constantly inspired by you, the girl-on-the-go, so we created a set of luxury, handcrafted cases to protect your favourite gems in transit.

Because, let’s face it: travelling is a fantastic way to gather inspiration and expand your knowledge about the world.

And our next interviewee, the ever chic Anna Maradan, knows it. She has answered our questions about her airport ritual, current favourite jewellery pieces and where she plans to travel next.

Read on for the full Q&A.


My first piece of jewellery was:

A gold necklace (it was a gold camel) from Tunisia.
By the way, I have to wear it again. :)

Favourite place I’ve ever visited:

California, for sure!

Next on my travel list:

Gonna travel to Portugal with my boyfriend. :)
We are already planning our next holidays…

My favourite travel companion is:

My Olympus PEN camera.

What are your top tips for the stylish girl on-the-go?

No tips… GIRLS, just be yourselves and express yourselves through your style. :)

My favourite quote is…

“You only live once.”

Cats or dogs?

Cats! I have 3 cats, so… :)

My airport ritual begins with:

Hydrating my face with a face cream, drinking a lot of water, applying a face mask (good to be relaxed during the flight.)

Someday I want to:

Make my dreams come true…
You know what they say… life is not meant to be lived in just one place.
So travel often, and travel far.
And while you’re on the go, you can keep your jewellery safe with our buttery-soft cases:
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Little Angel Necklace as worn by Anna Maradan
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