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Wearing Two Necklaces At Once: A Different Take On Layering

Chances are, you are well acquainted with the idea of layering dainty necklaces: similar and parallel, different and complementary or even a single necklace but with layered charms. And while this trend can make for some dependable and versatile jewellery looks, we feel there is much more to explore in terms of expressivity, boldness and fun!

Specifically you could branch out and try something with a bit more… weight. Worn together, a thick and a dainty necklace enhance each other’s movement and aesthetic impact. Here is some inspiration…

Wearing Two Necklaces At Once: The Heart Necklace And The Baroque Pearl Chocker

Focused, determined, unshakeable: a pearl chocker worn with a gold chain necklace will both wrap closely around your neck and your collar bone. But the difference in heft and texture will slightly soften the look and even serve as a conversation starter.

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Wearing Two Necklaces At Once: The Heart Necklace And The Aquamarine Necklace

A short dainty gold necklace and a larger gemstone statement necklace will reflect your movements very differently, creating variety and a visual centre of interest. In terms of styling, remember to keep all the other parts of your look slightly more subdued - they are there just to support that central, dynamic duo.

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Wearing Two Necklaces At Once: The Ones You Already Own

The best thing about this styling trick is that it’s doable with pieces you already have, know and love. Next time you curate your jewellery wardrobe, select two necklaces that are different in a way that’s significant to you: same material, but different lengths; same width, but different colours; same colour, but different textures and shapes; same… you get the point.

Make this approach your own and have fun mix-and-matching!

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