Wearing The Same Necklace Everyday: Is It A Good Idea?

Wearing the same necklace everyday is not a faux-pas.

On the contrary, when chosen correctly, it can make you look even more polished.

Keep reading to see how to pull it off…

It’s true: picking a single necklace to wear day in, day out will solve your styling dilemmas and save you precious time. Look impeccable with no extra thought… sign us up!

So how do you actually go about it?

Here’s our advice:


Wear The Same Necklace Everyday If…

… it fits your style!

This first step is crucial and self-explanatory.

After all, you’ll be wearing it all day long. Choose a necklace that represents you and, of course, goes with most of what you own.

Because, once you commit, you’ll want to wear yours with everything!


Wear The Same Necklace Everyday If…

… it’s made out of genuine, quality materials.

There’s really no going around this one. If you’re going to commit, it makes sense to invest in a necklace made of real gold or silver.

This way you won’t have to worry about it breaking or deteriorating rapidly. Plus, it can easily become a signature piece in your personal jewellery collection.


Wear The Same Necklace Everyday If…

… it has a simple, yet versatile design.

Consider this a reminder to balance your impulses. Springing for the trendiest necklace is tempting, but don’t give into it. Instead, focus on finding a timeless piece.

That’s the one you want, since it’ll effortlessly transcend the seasons.

Generally speaking, dainty necklaces with intricate little pendants are perfect for the job.

Stumped on what to choose?

We get it.

Here are a few examples to inspire you:

Photo credit: My Showroom Blog
Priscila is wearing the "Quote Un-Quote” necklace.


Photo credit: Draw Dress Dream
Carmel is wearing the B'Os Necklace.


Photo credit: Sarah Fashionboho
Sarah is wearing the "Quote Un-Quote” necklace.


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