Wearing Jewellery On Vacation: What To Take With & What To Leave At Home

Hear that?

It’s the sound of the summer vacation inching its way towards us.

If you’re already thinking about what to pack, here are a few practical ideas: 

Your Destination Gets A Say

There’s something very sensible about packing mostly flat shoes for a city-hopping adventure.

But does that thought extend to jewellery as well?

Depending on your destination (sea, mountain, resorts, cities), you’ll want to consider jewellery that is somewhat impervious to the surroundings.

Photo credit: @theivorydiary wearing the White Coral & Turquoise Bracelet and the White Coral & Chilli Bracelet

For example, beaded bracelets are perfect for a seaside adventure because they’re easy to take on and off, while rings and long earrings are best avoided when trekking through the mountains.

As for urban settings, fancy chokers and ear cuffs are the way to go.

Style vs Practicality: Which Comes First?

There’s always a fine line between the two and a feeling of frustration that may arise from trying to win at both.

So don’t go at it that way.

Instead, rethink your approach and pack only solid necklaces, bangles and sturdy rings (which won’t tangle in your suitcase). Forget about long and dainty pieces, since those are prone to end up in a knot - ouch!

Photo credit: @kolohee wearing the Heart Hoops

Test drive your jewellery vacation styles while still at home and make a mental note of what each would be best paired with.

Keep Things Simple In More Ways Than One

Thinking ahead about what you’ll take with you on vacation is a way to ensure you have complete peace of mind when you get there.

Photo credit: @annamaradan wearing the Stupendous Pearl Earrings

And this extends to more than looks. Jewellery made of real gold or silver will be unscathed by sun, sand or water, while pieces that aren’t made of noble metals are very likely to get irreparably damaged.

Here are a few tips for taking good care of your pieces, no matter where you go.

And remember to store the most valuable pieces in a safe in your hotel room when they’re not in use - better safe than sorry.

Have fun and enjoy your vacation!


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