Add Some Diamonds: Surprising Pieces You Can Wear Even During the Day

In our collective mind, diamonds have come to be associated with special occasions: proposals, elegant soirees and cocktail parties. After all, what could shine quite as brightly against a dim background as a diamond catching fleeting flashes of light with your every movement?

Such sparkle would surely be overpowering during the day, right? Well, no, not really. Not if you keep proportions in mind…

On Your Fingers: A Subtle Touch Of Shine

One of the most understated and versatile ways of wearing stacked diamonds on your fingers at 8 AM is to have them featured in delicate bands. Minute, but as intricate as ever, they are neatly arranged to give off a delicate shine in the morning light.

Pair of Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

Pair of White Gold Diamond Rings

On Your Wrist: The Delicate Statement

With diamond bracelets for daytime wear, it’s all about daintiness. A graceful bracelet with a bar of yellow diamonds peeking out from underneath the cuff of your favourite shirt is a simple way to amp up your office attire. And, paired with a power suit? Unstoppable.

Top: Yellow Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet

On Your Earrings: Barely-There Glimmer

And when it comes to earrings, the key is to start with the practicality of an everyday form and add some inset diamonds for that barely-there glimmer. Whether you opt to have yours on small hoops, on bar-shaped earrings or just as an accent on a pair of studs, you’ll find yourself wearing them all day, everyday.

Diamond Bar Studs

Diamond Accented "Quote Un-Quote" Earrings

Yellow Gold Diamond Huggies (Small)

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