The Sun & The Moon: A Tale Of Fine Jewellery

The Sun & The Moon: A Tale Of Fine Jewellery

To mark the launch of our Spring/Summer campaign, we’re taking a look at the most expressive additions to our collection. The Sun and the Moon are two distinct necklaces that can be worn both individually and in tandem.

What would they mean to you?

For many, the moon symbolises wisdom, illumination and the rhythmical passage of time. And the sun represents strength, energy and sheer life force.

You could take on their conventional symbolism or assign an altogether new meaning. Maybe for you, the sun becomes a treasured souvenir of your favourite season, while the moon becomes the carrier of a secret wish. Or maybe you fall in love with their playful design and attach a meaning later - you do you!

How They Came To Be

Our designs always start from an initial spark: a set of colourful gemstones, a fun way to use a precious metal or a new take on a classic design. In this case, it all started with a pair of gorgeous mother of pearl faces. From there, it was a matter of deciding what the pieces would become and their overall feel. For the Sun Necklace, we created eight little rays going all around. We chose the number eight as it is often thought to bring good luck and prosperity. For the Moon Necklace, the quiet contour was discretely offset by a 0.02ct diamond to add some shine to its mysterious allure.

Who are they for?

The Sun and the Moon Necklace are part of a celestial set, but they also hold their ground separately. This makes them best suited to be purchased as a gift: keep one for yourself and give the other to a friend, a sibling or a significant other. Someone who completes you, the yin to your yang.

Shop them here:

Sun Necklace

Moon Necklace

And, as with all dainty necklaces, layering is the default styling cue. For a textured yet balanced look, consider adding subtle link chain necklaces that don’t have any pendants of their own.

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