Up, Up And Away: Summer Jewellery Trends 2018

Full-on summer is just about here and what better way to prepare than with a fresh selection of jewellery?

Whether you’re going to spend the season relaxing in the city or roaming a sandy beach, we’ve got just the suggestions to keep your look fresh and appropriately sparkly.

Below, the hottest summer jewellery trends to hit the web and, soon enough, your Instagram feed:

Summer Jewellery Trends 2018: Thoughtful Pendants

This cannot be highlighted enough. We’ve loved the resurgence of dainty necklaces during the past few seasons and, thankfully, they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Part of their appeal of course, is that they’re so easy to wear! They have that feminine touch that makes them look great with everything. The biggest twist this summer? The resurgence of pendants. They provide an excellent medium for a statement, a pop of colour or a sentimental feeling. Plus, they look fabulous against tanned skin. Yay!

Left-Right: Angel Necklace, Little Chilli Necklace, Moonstone Necklace

Summer Jewellery Trends 2018: Extravagant Ring Parties

You know what goes really well with that rosé? A sparkly ring selection to clink against your glass.

There are two options here: either go for the biggest rock you can find and let it shine by itself, or opt for tinier, diamond-studded pieces that cast a wider net of reflections.

And, if you really want to go all out, mix-and-match your metals: a yellow gold ring will look fantastic not only next to another yellow gold ring, but next to a rose or white gold one as well.

So don’t be afraid to experiment and switch it up often! Here are some ready-made combos:

Left-Right: Yellow Gold, Diamond & Gold Little Phalanx Stack

Matt Little Phalanx & Yellow Gold Diamond Stack

White Gold, Diamond & Gold Little Phalanx Stack

Summer Jewellery Trends 2018: Mix-And-Matching To Your Heart’s Content

If the above is any indication, it’s that making bold styling choices is all the trend guidance you’ll need this season. And this doesn’t end with your rings: extend the fun to your earrings too.

If you have more than one piercing in one ear, go for differently coloured studs to make a statement. And, if you feel like layering more than two necklaces, go for it! The more, the merrier.

To successfully pull this off, choose a single piece that dominates through size or colour. Then, add a smaller or less colourful piece to complement it. And, voilà: your personalised combo is ready!

Need more ideas? Find our favourites below:

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